Behind the Scenes with Sofia


I have many duties as a new eighth grade student at  Miami Country Day School. Assignments, making friends, and adjusting to the campus are some basic tasks I need to do.

As well as my passion for school, I love to act, and I was recently asked to take on the role of Abigail in The Devil’s Trap, a horror movie directed by Mike Mendez. It was an opportunity I could not pass up.

The film took up to 3 weeks to film, and is currently in production. Taking on this role also meant taking risks, and although it was difficult at times, I can say it was very much worth it.

Missing school made it challenging to keep up with my school work. I learned online and all of my courses were on the school website (such as the topic pages and assignments).

There were days when it felt like my brain was going to explode, but with time it got better. By the third week I learned to constantly multitask between my school work and acting.

Social life was another challenge that I learned to manage. Although I missed my school friends, a family was built within the cast members.

My schedule for three weeks was rigorous. Every morning I woke up at 8:00- 9:00am, had breakfast, and did some homework.  Then I went to work somewhere around 1pm. The cast worked hard, and we often filmed for 12 hours a day.

Almost every work day we left around 1-5 am. In fact, the earliest I remember ending was 9:00 or 10:00pm.

I was very lucky to have met some wonderful and well-known people in the film industry.  I always wondered how they behave outside of movies, as well as their techniques, which I had learned a lot from.

Sadly, this caring family lasted for only three weeks.

However, I made such a strong connection with my co-star, Nick Davi (who played my brother) and he is still someone I stay in touch with.

I was lucky to work with great actors. Many of the actors, and people on the production team were focused on building good relationships with all of the co-workers; everyone was very social and I learned so much about team work.



Nick Davi, co-star

Returning to school was challenging, all my focus and attention going to school and grades for the rest of the semester.

After two months, my grades went back up and I was back on track.

Overall I can say it was one of the craziest weeks of my life, but also the most exciting. While it was hard, I would do it again.

This time I would learn from my mis- takes and know how to manage my time better.

For now, however, I am excited to get back to the ordinary life of waking up at six in the morning for school and coming home to family and friends.