I remember you

7th grade Poetry

Once we see an old photo,

We remember those days,

We feel the air,

We hear the voices.

It awakes us to ask,

How we got changed,

If life became better,

Have we been grateful,

We remember those days of sadness.

Jumping into memories of joy, leaving nothing to chance,

Because life is a giant puzzle that’s always changing daily.

And you must not take it for granted.

I remember where we laughed a place where we cried,

A place where there is no room for lies,

A place where we shared the good and the bad,

A place to reflect on the happiness we had.

A place to embrace when life rattles you a bit,

A place to be secure and endure and not quit.

A place to remember all the talk we shared,

A place to hold dear because I knew Someone cared,

A place where there’s feeling, emotion and truth,

A place that I hope we will never lose,

A place in my heart that is special you see.

This is the friendship you have given me.

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