A Teacher Feature: Mr. Hayes


In today’s world there are teachers, and there are role models. Feel free to draw your own conclusions about Mr. Hayes after reading this article.

Mr Hayes was a student and an athlete during his school years, so he understands deeply what it takes to do both things successfully. His experience and love for helping others inspired him to become a teacher.

 When asked about his love for teaching, Mr. Hayes said that he likes to see students learn and grow throughout the years.  His enthusiasm and wisdom has led him to become one of the most beloved teachers at Miami Country Day.

One thing you might not know about Mr. Hayes is that when he was in 6th grade,  he took a 30 day road trip from Connecticut to California and back. What an unbelievable trip! He has also traveled to England and Scotland. He told me that his favorite place to travel to is Scotland, Probably because he got married there. Although he has not taught any classes in other countries his knowledge of the world and different cultures is very large. 

As the Miami Country Day middle school athletic director, Mr. Hayes says, “it is awesome to see current and past students excel in sports.” He has enjoyed sports for a long time. With his great love for teaching and athletics, he is helping students grow both intellectually and physically. Mr. Hayes believes that being an athletic director is a natural fit for him because he’s a middle school teacher that has had relationships with athletes and their parents. He enjoys being there with our student-athletes to celebrate successes and victories.

When he is not in the classroom you can find Mr. Hayes on the field helping out the coaches and players. He always has words of wisdom to impart. He is super enthusiastic about everything he does, and in sports he always finds a way to motivate students to give it their all.