I am from me

7th grade Poetry

I am from the tall green palm trees that sway to the wind,

from the soft yet powerful crash of the crystal waves along the shore.

I am from the endlessly humid days, 

from the seasons who never wake.

I am from the tangy orange state.


I am from the dirt glazed Marley,

whose smooth gray surface my pointe shoes scratch,

I am from the sweet aroma of the blistering oven

from the the fluffy sweet treats,

and the flour that scatters across my face.

I am from the german cookies my family always makes,

from the everlasting celebration of Christmas in my house.


I am from the past of my family,

who have led me to the dreams I chase.

I am from the hard working days,

from the goals I strive to reach.

I am from the belief in me and what I can do.

I am from my kind hearted mother and father who have supported me,

and the desires of kindness, passion, and leadership I pursue.


I am from the moments where I laugh.

From the moments when I’m sad.

I am from the good days and the bad.

From my past that has carried me through difficulties, 

I am from who I was meant to be.

I am from me.


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