A Teacher Feature on Ms. Millian

Eloise Charalambides, Staff Writer

It wasn’t hard to choose a teacher for this edition of the Teacher Feature as Ms. Milian is hardworking and loved in our community. She is an excellent Spanish teacher and shows great passion for helping students appreciate Spanish culture. Ms.Milian is a very compassionate, loving, and bright teacher that takes pride in what she does. 

“Growing up when I was little I always had different careers in mind. I wanted to be an Archeologist, Marine Biologist, Entrepreneur, and so much more. Ultimately teaching won me over due to me loving working with kids, especially in middle school. I wanted to express my love for Spanish culture and languages, and I found myself loving teaching kids like yourself,” said Ms. Milian.

Many people are seen around the campus expressing how they love Ms. Milian. Students love how she teaches and how she expresses her love for Spanish culture. They love how she’s down to earth and caring. They also love the kindness she shares. 

“Ms. Milian is my favorite teacher because she is funny, caring, and good at what she does. She’s taught me in a way many haven’t and really deepened my love for Spanish culture.,” -Anita Bruzzi.

Many agree with the idea that Ms.Milian is great with interacting with kids and expressing the idea and importance of Spanish culture, including the idea of good teaching.

“I would describe Ms.Milian’s teaching as amazing. No other words are needed because she is great at teaching and helping others learn about Spanish foods, culture, dances, ect..,”-Sydney Solomon.

The school is so grateful to have her here as she has furthered many students’ and teachers’ love for Spanish culture. She includes things like Spanish fiestas, dancing, nouns, verbs, and Spanish traditions. Not only does she teach Spanish traditions she also teaches basic Spanish and things like the human body parts, sports, colors, and clothing. 

“I love Ms.Milian because she’s very caring and nice. For example she donated her hair at the walk for purpose and contributed to helping kids with no hair. She also wants all her students to succeed in her class and show their true values not only as a student but as a person,”-Jalynn.

She has made a great addition to the Miami Country Day community and has proven how devoted she is to teaching Spanish. Ms.Milian has been at Miami Country Day school for only 2 years and is already taking over the language arts, teaching Spanish and next year French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

“I hope at the end of the year every student I teach is able to feel like they can use Spanish in everyday situations, leave their shell, be able to express themselves, and feel like they fit in our everyday Spanish growing community.