A Queen with no castle

7th grade Poetry

A precious Queen of the Night flower blooming in the night.

As the stars dance across the stunning Mexico sky like graceful ballerinas,

She’s large and fragrant, shining bright like the full moon.

Gracing us with her performance for only one night a year.

She will never see the sun or the morning’s light of day,

However she’s here at last, elated and euphoric.

She’s a rare gem in a pile of coal,

A queen with no castle.

With her petals, like arms, trying to grasp the starlight, her only companion in

this dark, mellow night.

And finally, the final notes of her song,

Her best and worst night.

Like all good things,

Must come to a close.

Her white glimmer in the night darkens,

As the sun begins to rise.

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