Where I’m from

I am from YouTube™ and iPads.

From the demise of cable TV

The hard, cold, unfeeling

Screen has influenced me throughout life.

I come from pyrotechnics and doctors

Whose flames and healing contradict.

I am from the scientific advances

Of the American soil.

The sciences that America has established

Has allowed me to understand

The entirety of life.

In contrast, the Chinese side

Would have made science obsolete for me.

I am from

Gallego’s and Liu’s guidance

Have guided me down a smooth and clean pathway

On the soil of freedom and concrete pathways

To become a person to benefit society.

I’m from the wisdom of my Nai Nai

Who has guided me on a path

That leads away from the oppression in the east.

I am from the beaches of Florida

The desert next to the ocean

Where they meet

And the beach chairs, the miles of ocean and desert

With the surfboards and the smooth, slow, calming paddleboard

And the calming crash of the waves going PSSH on the shore.

I am from the campfire conference

Where we all get together

Without our tech

And talk to each other about what is going on.

I’m from the weekly doctor checkups

Where all my bones

And joints are put where they are supposed to be.

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