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The Spartan Chronicle

The Spartan Chronicle

Israeli soldiers prepare for war
The Israeli war rages on!
Sebastian Strauss, Writer • October 20, 2023

 Israel has declared that they are in a state of war on Hamas on October 7th, 2023. “We are going to wipe out Hamas,” Israel said. According...

Spartan Media
Why Shop PINK?
October 4, 2023

Lenni Gordon speaks with an organizer of the Pink Store, Sherry Abramson, to find out why we need to shop PINK!

MCDS welcomes new students
MCDS welcomes new students
Spartan Media October 1, 2023

Lindsey Temes, a long time student of MCDS. talks with new students to get their thoughts and impressions of their first few weeks.    

Inclement weather causes power outage
 Power Outage Affects Country Day
Yvanna Corti, Writer • September 26, 2023

Due to inclement weather over the weekend, a power outage has occurred at Miami Country Day, affecting classrooms all across campus and canceling...

Record-Breaking Turnout
Record-Breaking Turnout
September 11, 2023

Record-Breaking Turnout

MCDS Achieves Highest-Ever Student Attendance at Football Game
Alec Miller

Miami Country Day School’s campus was buzzing Friday night as the Spartans took on the Bulldogs of Bridgeprep in their home opener. In a remarkable display of school spirit, the 100+ students in attendance were clad in all white for the “white out” theme. The school achieved its highest attendance for a football game in history, setting a new benchmark for Spartan pride.

Out of the many students in attendance, Sam Weisberg, beaming with pride, said, “it was amazing to see everyone cheering for our school”. The school’s football team led by head coach Chris Polite, felt the incredible energy from the newly created student section. The game itself was a nail-biter, as the final score resulted in the Bulldogs winning 21-20. Although the Spartans were defeated, they will take on the Bulldogs again at home on Thursday, September 14th.

The record-breaking turnout for Friday night’s game proves to many doubters that school spirit at Miami Country Day is possible. It serves as a reminder that with passion and dedication, any institution can achieve what the Spartans did on Friday night.

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