Stepping Out for a Cure

In honor of Cancer Awareness month, Miami Country Day School held the 26nd annual Walk of Purpose on April 9th of this year. The Walk of Purpose received support from all divisions of our community and featured a three-mile walk while incorporating fun festivities for everyone to enjoy. Based on 2021’s report MCDS has raised over $850,000 in support of the Heidi Hewes Chapter of the University of Miami Women’s Cancer Association. 

According to staff and faculty, this is the most “hands-on” and invested the school has ever had in the Walk of Purpose. All of MCDS’s Committee Chairs and Co Chairs partnered up with the middle school knitting club and created beanies and blankets for patients battling breast cancer. The middle school has also previously written empowering, kind letters to patients fighting leukemia. Everyone at MCDS had an opportunity to help and support the walk. The goal of the walk was to have a “meaningful experience” and to leave a “positive lasting impression”, which was definitely achieved. 

The school raised about $40,000 dollars, which is an astonishing amount! 

Ms.Greenfield, the leadership teacher, did an amazing job finalizing and organizing the details for this student-led event. Ms. Greenfield has planned many events so this was not her first rodeo. She and many more faculty members helped bring together our community to help raise awareness for breast cancer awareness month.

The carnival included many activities and rides such as bungee jumping, bumper cars, obstacle courses, and many other games. Everyone had a chance to participate and experience the pleasure of our carnival. “Out of my eight years at MCDS this has been the most enjoyable event of all,” said Jonny Port, middle schooler. 

The Walk of Purpose also included service hours for the students who participated in the walk. “I’m so happy I participated in this fun walk, I had so much fun with all of my friends. I even got service hours out of it!” said Ava Patel, a high schooler. 

Everyone had nice things to say about the walk with purpose event!

 Although the school changed the name, the Walk of Purpose, it is still the same event. The reason behind the name change is because “it better suits our mission and goals”. 

Our community is grateful for the Walk of Purpose and we hope to see this amazing event continue.