School shootings are on the rise


Beckett Growney

School shootings on the rise; there have been at least 377 school shootings since 1999.

Beckett Growney, Staff Writer

There have been at least 377 school shootings since 1999 in the US.  Of these shootings, around 349,000 students were either injured or killed. Fortunately there have been none throughout MCDS history.  Studies show that 87% of people agree that the reasons these shootings occur is because kids want to get back at those who have hurt them. But there are also other reasons. For instance, 62% agree that the shooters don’t value life, and 56% agree that it’s simply too easy for them to acquire a gun. 

Country Day values their students, staff, and teachers’ lives, and will do everything in their power to keep them safe.  A Security Guard Josh, a part of MCDS security team is fortunate enough to have not been in any school shootings. “I became a security guard because I wanted to have a job close to law enforcement,” Josh said. “We’ve done lots of training with accuracy and gun fire and also hand to hand training”

According to, 4 in 10 children don’t feel safe at school, and 36% of parents worry about shootings at their children’s school.

Sasha Dmitriev, a 7th grader, shared how safe he feels at school. “Overall I feel pretty safe at school due to the security and how protected the campus is,” said Dmitriev.  “I also feel that the teachers do a good job at keeping everyone safe and under control.” 

By 2026 there are more likely going to be double the amount of gun violence than there is today. Instead of those numbers going up they need to go down, for the safety and well being of America, students, and staff. 

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