Wishing upon the stars

Nothing ever hurt,

Guilt never met me

Never touched me or talked to me,

Just Passed by me.


We used to look up at the stars

I always thought they were dangerous,

but you thought they were beautiful

I never understood why,

Until you became one.


I used to think they were fiery planets waiting to hurt us at any chance they got

but everything changed now,

I no longer see stars that way

I now see happy creatures dancing with joy in the endless screen of black.


But you are my favorite

Every night I look up and remember you are there,

you are watching over me, lighting up my night, comforting me.


Guilt never met me,

Never touched me or talked to me,

Just passed by me.

Because I never felt like I lost you

I always had your protection

I believe you just emerged into something better like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly,

I still wish upon the stars

that you are still with me.