Light in a Dark World

Sometimes, the world is dark,

Without seeing, there’s no way to make your mark.

The people stumble around and fall,

We’re like corpses, us all.


Sometimes, I blink, to make sure I’m not sleeping,

Feeling all alone, my soul is seeping.t 

I turn and turn, looking for a color,

But I see none, because the world is like no other.


I cradle my head in my hands, going crazy,

Why am I the only one not lazy?

I open my mouth to speak to the world:

But all I hear is silence, not a word unfurled.


Right when my heart was ceding:

I heard a creeping, a creeping.

I turned and my eyes burned:

For there was a flicker of light, returned.


I smiled and stood, looking around,

Did anyone else see what I had found?

I took the light and watched it spread,

Now we all were no longer dead.

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