The Feline’s Fury

8th grade Poetry


Chasing, after the fleeting glory,

Praying that it was the time for her renewed story;

She shot towards the light,

And glared as her dreams were ripped out of spite.


Her nemesis had rapidly appeared,

Leaping out of the awaiting darkness;

As her greatest nightmare cheered,

Sending her anger to leap out of its carcass.


Hissing, clawing, she fought for her goal,

Yet she knew she was on no account in control;

It was an immediate strife, 

While they fought, claws to throats as sharp as a knife.


It was over, she’d known from the start;

The canines would always succeed;

Until the game would restart,

And her new hopes would become guaranteed…


Or so she would believe.


The next day, the loop renewed itself,

Spiraling into a whirlpool, with no given help.

She fought through tears to keep herself alive,

Her choices were that, or take a deep dive.


Her hopes were launched, right through the ceiling,

Shattering the glass, although presumed to be bulletproof; 

The nemesis lifted his head, his reaction unrevealing,

As he muttered a confused, “aroof?”


She leapt right through the barrier, 

Glass shattering on the floor behind her,

Chasing after her long-sought goal,

Although she knew she would fail her task as a whole.


Shrieking, screaming, blood pulsing through her veins,

The light began to creep slowly closer.

She approached her nightmare and held its gaze,

While he lowered his cold shoulder.


Or so she would believe.

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