The Perfect Girl

8th grade Poetry

She’s been here for a long while,

As long as the eye can see;

And, she’s got the perfect smile;

And always smiles at me.

I feel like I’m judging myself far too much,

Because of people like her, you see.

Jealousy has me in a tight clutch;

Because to everyone she’s always so sweet.

On social media, I swear she has the perfect life;

Always traveling and posting in an ongoing swirl.

My head and my heart are in a strife,

Because I want to be that perfect girl!

She has so many friends, you see.

A huge group that seem fun

I’d die to be apart of their frenzy,

But who knows how I could get that done.

Now here I am, standing right outside the door,

And what do I see from that perfect girl?

She grabs and throws a student’s piece of ham,

And slaps it right onto the concrete floor.

She yanks the student and slaps them hard,

And I feel my blood boiling with disgust.

I wonder to myself, where is the school guard?–

Someone has to stop this, they must.

After the incident, as all the students talk;

About how she had done this sometime in her past.

This is what all the students mutter as they walk.

I guess I made assumptions about her quite too fast.

I guess there is no need to wonder;

If she really was all that sweet.

For there is no need to ponder;

That what she did was really mean.

I feel my heart rip and shatter,

And I feel the guilt rising in me.

How could I have been so flattered,

To call her a “perfect girl”, you see.

Because honestly, I know I’m imperfect,

But I shouldn’t be so harsh, you see;

At the end of the day I’m perfect,

Because I act like who I am; which is me.

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